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Reuter Helmut - (1913-1985) Düsseldorf

Reuter Helmut - (1913-1985) Düsseldorf

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Helmut Reuter 

1913 Düsseldorf - 1985 Düsseldorf

Ships in the port

Oil on canvas

Image size 60cm x 50cm

with frame 77cm x 67cm

signed lower left

Frame somewhat damaged / paint chipped off

Painting needs a little cleaning

Artist info:  Helmut Reuter was born in Düsseldorf in 1913. He learned painting at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Lower Rhine landscapes as well as still lifes and, more rarely, seascapes were part of his oeuvre. He died in his hometown of Düsseldorf in 1985. Paintings by this well-listed Düsseldorf painter cost up to 1300 euros at international auction houses plus fees and taxes. Source: Artprice


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