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Lovers on the swing - romance - silk picture

Lovers on the swing - romance - silk picture

SKU: 191

Loving couple on swing - romance - silk picture

after a painting, unsigned

elaborately woven silk image

Early 20th century


framed behind glass, glass dirty at the corners

black frame, unopened

Image size 18  cm x 33  cm

Overall size 19.5 cm x 35  cm

The art of woven silk pictures has been around for a very long time.

In large textile cities such as Greiz, Kirchberg, Krefeld, Hohenstein Ernstthal etc. these were lovingly made. There are a lot of motifs, postcards, portraits, romanticism, baroque, politics, satire, family etc. You can find fewer and fewer of them, but it is a very collectable art with a very special charm that lasts for several centuries.

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