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Kruger, Erich - forest lake / mountains

Kruger, Erich - forest lake / mountains

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Kruger, Erich - forest lake / mountains

March 05, 1897 Berlin - March 27, 1978 Benzingerode

was a German painter


Painting forest lake / mountains

Oil / canvas

signed lower left

Condition: good


Image size 61 cm x 91 cm

With frame 75 cm x 105 cm

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Krüger worked as a freelance artist in Berlin. He mainly painted landscapes and animals as well as still lifes. His studies at the Art Academy in Berlin with Bruno Paul were interrupted by the First World War . Then he continued with Professor Gärtner and Paul Müller-Kaempff . In 1944 his studio with numerous works was destroyed by a bomb hit. He then moved to the northern Harz in the Brunswick village of Benzingerode near Wernigerode , where he lived until the end of his life.

The artist's pleasing, realistic style of painting was appreciated during the National Socialist era, when 36 of his motifs, including “Sunny Corridors” and “Poppy and Sunflower” were reproduced and produced and sold by the May art institute. In the GDR after 1948, the reproductions of Krüger's paintings, including “Red Poppy”, were included in the Gradus-Blätter program. "... So the conventional taste of the mass of the public had initially asserted itself again ...", while socialist realism suffered a setback. [1]

The Dresden Art Academy offered him a professorship in 1967. [2] In Benzingerode he painted mainly resin pictures and flowers. Some of his paintings (tulips, oil on canvas, 110.5 × 80 cm) are in the possession of the Harz Museum Wernigerode and the Museum Schloß Wernigerode .

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